09 Feb

How To Boost The Performance Of Your WordPress Website?

The performance of your WordPress website has much to do when it comes to how it performs before your visitors. If you wish to ensure it stays ahead of your competitors and get more visitors, you have to hit the right buttons and boost the overall performance of your website. A number of factors can affect the performance of your site, such as outdated plugin or code, and leave an extremely bad impression on visitors. Here are some tips to improve the performance of your WP website.

Install a suitable WordPress theme

There are thousands of themes for your website design and some of these are free while the others are paid. You should choose a powerful and appropriate WordPress theme for your website. The theme can affect how your site looks before visitors. It has an impact on the overall look and feel of your WordPress site, as well as its functionality. The official WordPress.org website itself offers a wide variety of themes.

Choose the right plugin

Most developers opt for the biggest and best plugin for their site. While choosing a website plugin, you have to keep numerous things in mind, such as your intended WP website features and functionality. The WP Plugin Directory consists of plenty of plugins, and there are many Premium as well as Free WP plugins. You can search for the plugin of your choice from the WordPress dashboard, and add new or click on the plugin.

Get rid of unnecessary plugins

There are thousands of plugins in WordPress, but you do not need all of them. Look for outdated plugins in your site that do not work well, and get rid of them. Old and unnecessary plugins slow down the load time for WP websites, thus lowering SEO rank and leading to a loss in business. If you do not wish to see a dip in business, get rid of all the unnecessary or unused plugins as fast as you can. However, you should not delete the default plugins for WP.

Check your website images and videos

Images of large sizes can have a negative impact on the performance of your WordPress website. Large-sized videos and images can increase the load time for your site, and leave a negative impression on visitors. Never upload oversized images. You should upload small sized images and optimize them as much as possible before you load them onto your website.