28 Feb

Why Use One Page Web Design For Your Newly Developing Site

The latest craze these days is the one page site design. If you are also an admirer of the one page web design, then you should try getting a site designed this way. However, if you are still in darkness about the best features of the one page web design, then here are the highlights that would tell you why so many new web developer and designers are going after it.

Why go for the one page format

Your entire sites content is accommodated into the landing page, which makes the site super easy to surf for mobile viewers. You just keep on scrolling the site to get to the next part. The concept of page is not here. In fact pages are converted into sections. When you click on a link, or something in the menu, then you are just taken to that part or section on the same page, which you would have otherwise viewed by scrolling up or down.

The advantages your viewers get from this are:

* They wont get bored clicking on links which open into different browser page on mobile, or in the same page. This was kind of annoying, and the user is relieved of this jumping from page to page, by staying on the same page.
* You dont have to zoom in and out, as all one page themes are made for the mobile viewers thus making surfing easy and pages responsive.
* As the site is not divided into pages, it gets lighter and faster, and hence loads much fast thus reducing surfing time and waiting time.

These are the main reasons for the common website owners to ask their web designers get a one page theme, and for the same reasons, the designers also suggests the one page style to people. Mobile website viewers are also much inclined towards such sites, and would give in more time to a one page themed site than a normal responsive site.

Things to highlight before the designer

While your web design expert is working on the one page site design, remind the team to not forget the on page SEO part. The site must be fully optimized with a good sitemap, so that you get the best response from the search engines and the users. If the site is for ecommerce you would see the positive impact in just a few weeks time.